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Leader's speech

"Great air from the East, attracting supportive minds” is the good meaning in our name “Donghe”. Over the past few years, the company is rooted in the northeastern old industrial base in this fertile soil.  We’ve been choosing fine flow and welcoming all rivers.  We value unity and mutual trust, temper and practitioner-ship.  We have formed an integrated enterprise with a relatively complete industrial chain that features refractory materials and includes a mining, production and processing, trade, scientific research.
Every major achievement of Donghe New Material comes through the "supporting team" advantages, stimulating the overall location advantages, resource advantages, and technological advantages so as to enhance the cohesion, the centripetal force and the core competitiveness.Therefore, becoming one of the few high-performance, environmentally friendly modern enterprises among domestic industry will not just stay in the dream.

Do not forget the initial heart and motivation and keep moving forward.
Chairman Bi Shengmin

Donghe New Materials are people-oriented, attracting supportive people, including not only internal staff, management team, but also our customers in cooperation.  Whether upstream or downstream, whether long term or short term, whether new partners or old friends, both domestic and international, we regard them as eternal, indispensable valuable resources.Possessing this type of resources will allow us to grasp the present and future for a longer period of time.
The tide is rough, everyone is competing! Today, Donghe New Material is facing the deep adjustment of the industrial structure and experiencing the new situation of an ever-changing market pattern. Donghe people will assess the situation, vision the future, standard the management, implement transparency, innovate and sustain our development, and strive to complete the jump from low-end to the mid- and high- end in the industrial chain. In the next five years, we will build a demonstration base for China's deep development and comprehensive utilization of magnesite resources.  We will also become the leading enterprises in China's high-end magnesium oxide raw materials.  And we will build well-known brands in international high-end magnesium refractory materials and related new materials.
Meeting with other heroes reveals our very heroic character.  We will not forget our initial heart and motivation.  Please see our momentum moving forward.?
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