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Company Profile

Liaoning Donghe New Materials Co., Ltd. (formerly Liaoning Donghe Refractories Group Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as "Company") is located in Haicheng City, Liaoning Province, with production plants in Pailou town and Maoqi town.

The company has more than 600 employees, registered capital of 116.7 million yuan, and covers an area of 11 million square meters.

Founded in 1996, the company is a professional company and leading enterprise specializing in the comprehensive utilization of magnesite mineral resources.

In 2014 the company was identified as the provincial engineering technology research center;

In 2015 the company was identified by Ministry of Industry as the only demonstration project in magnesite comprehensive utilization;

In 2016 the company was identified as a high-tech enterprise;

In 2016 the company successfully entered the National Equities Exchange and Quotations.  The securities are referred to as "Donghe new material", stock code 839792.

In peer enterprises, the company has the most complete industrial chain, is the most competitive and most active in development, enjoying a high reputation.

Haicheng donghe taidi metallurgical furnace material co.,ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company.?

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